About the NWO logo

NWO has just one logo. NWO’s logo consists of a figurative trademark and a word trademark in a rectangle. In the logo, the proportions of the golden ratio are used.

Primary colour: NWO blue

  • RGB 0, 139, 159
  • CMYK 90, 25, 35, 0
  • Hex #008093
  • PMS 7712U

Secondary colours (RGB/CMYK):

  • Red: 0, 75, 70, 0  / 235, 93, 71
  • Yellow: 249, 178, 50 / 0, 35, 85, 0
  • Brown: 186, 139, 102 / 25, 45, 80, 10
  • Dark brown: 139, 102, 72 / 40, 55, 70, 25
  • Dark blue: 24, 101, 124 / 90, 50, 40, 10


Logo set for digital use (.zip)

Logo set for printed matter (.zip)

Acknowledgement in publications

If your NWO research leads to a publication (articles, reports, theses, conference contributions, presentations et cetera), then you are kindly requested, in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of NWO Grants, to acknowledge the support provided by NWO.

The following sentence can be used for this:
This work is part of the research programme XXX with project number XXX, which is (partly) funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO).

You are also requested to use the NWO logo with your acknowledgement.

About the logo

The logo has been produced in full colour and contains a subtle colour gradient. The logo should preferably be used in full colour.

The white of the circles and the letters is transparent. The logo should therefore preferably be placed on a white background.

If the logo cannot be placed on a white background, then the diapositive version of the logo can be used. The diapositive version of the logo can be placed on a background with a grey value of 40% or higher. If the grey value is lighter than 40%, then the full-colour version of the logo should be used.

Logo display

If NWO may display the logo, for example in the case of a partnership for which the organisation and/or ownership lies with NWO for less than 50%, then NWO will provide the logo. The logo is preferably placed in full colour on a white background in accordance with the applicable house style rules of NWO. 

If it is not possible to place a logo on a white background, then the diapositive version of the logo can be placed.

If you have any questions then please contact Christy Renard, via c.renard@nwo.nl